What is a diet to lose belly fat?

What is a belly fat diet? This is a question someone asked me some few days ago. Sometimes when you understand something you can assume everybody is on the same page. This was true for me when it came to a belly fat diet until someone actually asked me to explain to them what a belly fat diet is. Then I thought, this person may not be the only one with this question and this post came about.

What is a belly fat diet?

Before we go into what a belly fat diet is, let us start from the beginning. What is a diet? According to Wikipedia, a diet is a sum of food consumed by a person or animal. What does this mean? To me, this means a diet is not a single food thing but a combination of different foods commonly eaten by a person or an animal.

Similarly, a belly fat diet is a combination of foods commonly consumed by a person with the aim of losing belly fat. It is that simple. Your next question is probably, What should it contain?

What does a diet to lose belly fat contain?

A belly fat diet should not be different from a common healthy diet in my opinion. A healthy diet is carefully put together to ensure that the person eating it attains the nutritional benefits while losing or maintaining a healthy body weight. I would say the term ‘belly fat diet’ maybe a bit misleading because it can give the impression that the diet is belly targeted and other part of the body will not benefit from it. There are no foods you can consume which will only impact your belly and not the rest of the body. The benefits of a flat belly diet will obvious culminate to other parts of the body.

Let us look at what it should contain.

  • A belly fat diet is diverse – a healthy flat belly diet is a combination of the right quantities of foods from the different food groups. These are mainly cereals, meats, milk based, fruits, vegetables and water.
  • The cereals are commonly consumed as staple foods (although root vegetables such as potato, cassava, yam, etc are also staple foods in many parts of the world). The meats group includes meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and legumes and nuts because of the major nutritional benefit (protein) you can get from these foods. The fruits, vegetables and water are self-explanatory.
  • These groups of food are then carefully put together to form a healthy belly fat diet. A healthy belly fat diet should provide the body with carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, water and antioxidants. For more information, you may want to read my article how to diet and lose belly fat where I discuss about how much food from each group is recommended per day.
  • A belly fat diet is very low on sugar, fats and salts and is usually very low in processed foods.

What are the most common belly fat diets in 2019

The truth is you can make up your own belly fat diet at home if can take time to understand the food groups and how much you should consume per day. Once you are equipped with that information you then need to plan and organize your meals to meet the daily nutrient requirements without eating too little or too much. There are also many recipes of healthy diets published that you can draw inspiration from.

However, sometime we are lazy to dig up all the information we need. That’s where the commercial belly fat diet programs come in. There many commercial belly fat diet programs out there. If you can afford them, you do not have go through the searching for information option. I am going to shortly discuss about a few commercial diet programs which are currently popular.

1) Ketosis diet

Popularly known as the ‘keto diet’ has received a great deal of popularity. The Keto diet is a low or no carbohydrates diet which cause the body to go into a ketosis state. During ketosis, the body release ketones from the stored fat into the bloodstream instead of using blood sugar from carbohydrates. The process of breaking down fat cells into ketone bodies is called ketosis. The internet is no short of positive testimonies of this diet. Although, the diet is criticized of late. Critics of the diet says you will regain your weight back within a year and the loss of muscle which likely to happen under the diet maybe harmful to the heart which is also a muscle.

Personally, I am not an expert but eliminating an entire food group from a diet, just does not sit well with me. Carbohydrates have been important elements of a healthy diet and a primary source of energy. Removing carbohydrates from your diet may cause problems in the long run. Or am I being an old maid here?

However, I recommend the Keto diet for extreme case of overweight/obesity but for a short term. One can use the keto diet to lose the extra kilos and once they have reached a comfortable weight level, can stop the keto diet and start a normal healthy diet.

2) Cinderella solution

The Cinderella solution diet is specifically designed for women. I would say that the Cinderella solution is the real deal on the market right now. Very different from most sensational diets on the market. The Cinderella solution uses a combination of exercises and nutrition to reignite a women’s metabolism which has significantly slowed down after puberty. A healthy belly fat diet is backed by authentic research which has proven that a women’s body goes through a hormonal transition between puberty and menopause making it difficult to loss weight. The Cinderella Solution is also selling like hotcakes. Do you want to lean more about the Cinderella Solution, read my detailed review.

3) Flat Belly fix

The Flat Belly Fix is another popular diet and belly fat program with many positive review. Designed by a former police officer by the name Todd Lamb. He discovered the secret while assisting his wife who suffered an accident which left her bedridden and as a result gained a lot of weight.

Packaged into there main components, the 21-Day System will not leave you short of information on human anatomy, the right eating schedule, serving sizes and so on. In addition to reading materials, there are plenty videos and photos ensuring that you do not misunderstand anything.

The 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol teach you the power of 7 minutes exercises each day. While 7 minute exercises sounds too short to make a difference, people who have been exposed to the program only have positive things to say about this program. And finally but not least,

The Smoothie Recipe Guide is based on the ancient system of eating. It offers a variety of foods choices which will yield tasty smoothies.


The term ‘flat belly diet’ although may sound misleading is nothing but a combination of foods from the different food groups carefully put together to ensure that it will deliver the necessary nutrients to the body while losing extra weight or maintaining a normal and healthy body weight. Anyone if they have the time and resources can develop their own healthy belly fat diet. However, circumstances are different leaving many unable to do that. Luckily, there are commercials belly fat diets that one can make use of. The top 3 trending commercial belly fat diets are the Keto diet, the Cinderella Solution and the Belly Fat Fix.

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