Exercises you can do home

No gym? Don’t worry! There are exercises you can do home

I have met many people who think that they need a gym to exercise properly. Although this may be the case for some people, the reality is that there are many exercises you can do home – as long as you have some space in your home to stretch and you have a street to walk or jog. As for me, the gym is the last thing on my mind. In this article, I talk about some exercises you can do home to became fit as a fiddle. The exercises are not presented in order of effectiveness, but rather randomly.

1. Push-up

I do not know if it like that in other places, but I think that push-ups are regarded as a man’s type of exercise than a woman’s where I am from. However, push-ups can do well a woman’s body too. Push ups do not take too much time to do but tackle many muscles in your body. You will however need to practice a few times before you can do them correctly. In fact, you may need guidance from someone who knows how to do them properly. I remember my first attempt at push-ups (after seeing my husband doing them) and I failed tremble. I could not pick my chest up after I went down and I felt an intense pain in my arms. It actually felt like my arms were carrying my entire body.

Push ups are good for both upper and lower body muscles especially working on the strengthening of the chest and belly muscles. While strengthening the lower belly muscles is probably your overall goal, strengthening of your chest muscles will come in handy for us moms as breastfeeding has surely done the damage to the sisters.

Once you have mastered the posture, do as many push-ups as you can in a row until you feel you can’t do no more. You may end your session for the day or take a rest and continue by increasing the number of push-ups you do in a row. If you did three push-ups in a row today try adding 2 or 3 push-ups the next day/session. Keep adding 2-3 push-ups every day and you shall reap the benefits of a strong and fit body.

2. Walking and jogging

Have you seen an athlete with a big belly? Have you wondered why? These form of exercises can really tackle the entire body and really help in burning fat in a short time. If you are over weight, I recommended you allocate time to walk and gradually start running. If you are not overweight, it is okay to stick to walking or jogging. BTW, you should also be careful how much you do because you may still end up replacing the calories you have lost. If you exercise too much, you will end up hungry and the food you will eat afterwards can replace what you have just lost. Losing weight would not be a big issue actually if people can understand how to balance their eating and exercising. It takes both of them and if you can master that you will not have any problem.

Walking and running are also the best ways to exercise without spending a dime. You can use your walking or running sessions to reflect and just thinking about regular matters in your life. They are also very refreshing and bursts stress. So, walk and run ladies. Two to three kilometres twice to three times a week should do you well.

Body crunches

I like crunches because I can do them anywhere in the house, in the bedroom or the sofa and on the floor. You do not need a large space to do them. They are really perfect exercises you can do at home. There are several crunches: abdominal, cross body, reverse, bicycle, etc. Crunches do not really burn fat, but are good at contracting muscles causing the muscle to build and creating the toned look.

The type of crunch you wanna do depend on the body muscles you want to contract. For moms wishing to work on their belly muscles the abdominal crunch is the one you want to focus on although I recommend you try different crunches for maximum benefit. Just be warned that crunches will not help you if you have fat in your body, you just won’t feel the difference because the toned muscles will be hidden by the fat. Therefore, you should lose the fat to see the benefit of the crunch. Do three to four sets of 10 crunches a day.

4. Squats

When I think of a squat, I can’t help it but think of the way we relieved ourselves when nature called. I grew up in the rural village in Namibia. Growing up we used the bush when nature called. The way we sat to relieve ourselves was a perfect squat. Even when pit latrines were introduced, their designs would still require us to squat. Sometimes the English terms make you think something is foreign to you and you fail to realize it is something you have been doing all along and has probably shaped the way you looked as a young person. I am almost certain every human being whatever their background have done some type of squat growing up. BTW, Have you noticed how difficult it is to squat now?

Squats are good for strength and flexibility. They utilize a combination of muscles, joints and bones. Experts say that squatting makes the body release a hormone that can help us lose fat and tone body muscles, but I am recommending squats for the magic they can create in your thighs and butt. If you want to be a good-looking mom, don’t only wish for a flat belly. Toned thighs and a good-looking a firm butt is icing on the cake.  Ten (10 to twenty (20) squats 3 times a week are sufficient to achieve good results.

There you go ladies, the exercises you can do home are many. The ones I have written here are the ones I think are easy and can be done with easy by everyone but with maximum, benefit.

Feel free to suggest any other type of exercise you think is good, comment and ask questions for clarity.

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