Cinderella Solution Review! Can it help you lose belly fat?


This is the Cinderella Solution review. In this review article, I analyse what is the program offers and it is potential to help us shed the belly fat.

A belly fat is one of the challenges most people have in common. You may wonder why people can’t ignore the fat belly and take it as normal. Yes, there are people who fuss about the belly fat for good looks. However, most people do it for overall health and its attachments to diseases such as diabetes, stroke and hypertension. Yet, there are so many health diets and fitness tips and products. You may ponder further.

There is a new popular health and fitness program on the market. It is called the Cinderella Solution. Could this be the program to help you lose belly fat? What is in for you? Have you tried many weight loss programs and now discouraged to try new ones? The Cinderella solution is the diet you should not want to miss trying.  Let me fill you in.

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What Exactly is the Cinderella Solution?

Name of the program: Cinderella Solution

Official Website: Click here

Program author: Carly Donovan

The Cinderella solution is 28 day online weight loss programs. Although, it is reported that the program works well for women in their thirties (30) and above sixty five (65), it is primarily designed for women between the age of 40 to 65. The program is available in series of downloadable PDF which you can immediately access once you have paid for the plan.

Designed based on the research that revealed that a woman’s body undergoes through hormonal transition between puberty and menopause, the diet has a scientific backing. The research found out that the hormonal transition between puberty and menopause affect a woman’s metabolism. Who would have ever thought that the normal transition that take place in a woman’s body between puberty and menopause has negative effect on a woman’s metabolism? Isn’t the transition supposed to be a normal body process?

The program includes two main phases called the Ignite and Launch which are two weeks long each. Very different from popular diets on the market such as the keto diet, this diet program does not require you to eliminate a food group or doing high intensity exercises but, rather focuses on the right combination of foods and low intensity but, targeted exercises to increase the rate at which your body can burn fat.

The program packaging

Cinderella Solution getting started sample page

Before going into how the program work, let me tell you what you receive when you purchase the program

1. The main manual – divided into three main parts. Have a look at its content:


Chapter 1: The Cinderella Solution “Weight Loss from The Inside Out”

Where and How to Get Started?


Food Coupling

Flavor Pairing

Nutrient Timing

Movement Sequencing

Chapter 3: Ignite and Launch Cinderella’s 2-Phase Approach to weight Loss

Phase 1: The ‘Ignite’ Phase

Phase 2: The ‘Launch’ phase

Cycling the Ignite Phase and the Launch Phases

Chapter 4: Macros and Food Pairing Rituals

Prime Proteins

Royal Fats

Power Carbs

Angel Carbs

Chapter 5: Meal Timing and Frequencies

Ignite: 3 Meals Daily

Launch: 4 Meals Daily

When to Eat


3-Step Instruction Guide

Ignite and Launch Meal Pairing Legends

Portioning Options

Portion and Food Serving Sizes


2. Quick Starter Guide – This is a great start point to the Cinderella diet for those who do not have to get all the information before they can start the program. It provides a good overview in a short time. It also quickly tell you what you have to do.

3. Recipe Playbook

4. Guilt free Dessert Guide

5. Video Exercise Guide

How does the Cinderella Solution work

Cinderella is not a random program for anyone to use.  This is a good thing because it takes into consideration the unique problem of woman. The scientific research proved that as a woman’s body transition from puberty to menopause a disorder can happen which can affect the 3 female hormone balance in the body. The imbalance of the hormones affect a woman’s metabolism rate.

Metabolism rate is very important as it determines how much fat a human body can burn and as a result, regulates weight gain and loss. This program will provide you with all the necessary information (nutritional information, recipes, meals plans and specific cardio workouts) you need to restart and reactivate the function of the three essential hormones to start burning fat fairly effortlessly. Even if you are clueless about nutrition, this program is sure to teach you something about nutrition.

This program is no bogus. It is 100% natural, safe, realistic and relatable. You will learn you how to lose weight and keep it of sustainable. It is approach is sound and backed by scientific research. The programs can work well for woman above 30 around the years when a woman’s body start to transition into menopause. Some users of the program believe it has potential to increase your lifespan in line with a healthy and fit body.

Who developed the Cinderella Solution?

By now, you must be asking yourself, who designed this wonderful program? Where has she been all along? Why didn’t she discovers this program earlier before you wasted all your money on unrealistic weight loss deals?  Carly Donovan is a woman and a real person like you and me. Her fitness activities before developing the program did not help her lose the 100 pound she had gained. Carly was later diagnosed with diabetes, which was also the reason she could not lose the weight dispute her fitness activities. She is not a doctor or fitness guru but, a woman who went through the hardships of weight loss.

The diabetes diagnosis encouraged this woman to dig deeper and understand nutrition in order to free herself. She realized woman in Asia looked healthier and fit. On top of that, Japan has a high life expectancy in general compared to other parts of the world. She team up with a University to conduct the research (watch a video below). The outcome of the research unlocked the effect of hormonal imbalance between puberty and menopause. What a breakthrough, right?

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It is that information and understanding that helped her lose weight. As a result, She also realized she held the key to unlocking a health problem which affect many woman around the world and developed this promising weight loss programs which is a hit on the market right now. Describing herself as a regular woman, Carly Dovan is no regular to many. She is a genius.

Can it help with belly fat?

Cinderella Solution belly transformation picture

Why does it feels like people are always on the lookout for a new trick to solve their belly fat problems? You may ask yourself.  The truth is, most people are looking for a quick fix. Not many people are willing to give a program 6 months or a year to see the results. On the other hand, it is natural for people to think there is another better and efficient way of doing things.  The technology is improving very fast nowadays. Therefore, it is expected that the new ways of doing things are developed. The same applies to new ways of solving weight loss problems.

As belly fat is the biggest challenge in weight loss, you are also probably struggling with it if you are here. As I talk about this amazing program you have probably asked yourself whether the Cinderella Solution can also help lose belly fat. The answer to that question is a bold YES! Not only your metabolism alignment will help you lose belly fat but, the low intensity exercises that are part of this program are targeted for the abdomen, buttocks

What is good about the Cinderella Solution?

Realistic and sustainable way to weight loss – Although many of us are on a search for a quick fix, the reality is quick fixes are expensive and their results are not sustainable. This is a once off purchase that you can follow your entire life. Who doesn’t want to lose weight without pain and/or negative side effects.

Plenty of useful information – Some of us want to understand the logic behind things before we are convinced. From the Overview Manual to the Main Manual, this program is not short of information. Even if there is a limited understanding of nutrition, the information is clearly explained to help you learn something.

Sex targeted – I like the fact that this program is not all over the place promising to help everyone with weight problems. Not only this diet target woman but it is also specific as to woman of what age.

Practical and useful – There is nothing complex about this program. The 14-day calendar will help you track what you eat and when while the recipes and food combos suggested will keep you excited to try new flavors. No tasteless and depressing meals some of you may know and heard of. Literally, anyone and anywhere in the world can make this program work for them.

Easy workouts – Consider yourself lucky if you are woman over 30 with children and a husband and you still have your time together. Working out does take time, right. Well, the workout recommended by this program do not require you to spend the entire day working out just short sessions. The emphasis is heavily puts on reactivating your hormones to regulate metabolism efficiently and help you loss weight. You have other important thing to do in your life. I tell you this woman understand you better. The easy workout are not intimidating especially, for many of us who do not want to hear about the word workout’. You do not need to fancy equipment to do the workout either.

Additional benefits of the Cinderella Solution

Whole body targeted – This weight loss program is not selfish to only focus on weight loss while distracting other functions of your body. There are benefits of prolonged life, skin health and overall body health.

Value for money – The fact that it is once-of purchase makes it a winner. There is no need for additional payments after some months or years. In addition to that, buying it online may come with additional bonuses: a 21-day Kickstart Nutrition Guide and the Movement Sequencing guide.

Money back guarantee – You have 60 days to test the program and can claim back your money if are not happy. How many offer can you get like that, really? Such an offer can indicate that the author of this program believes in it and sure it will work for you.

After sales service – Resources available on the Cinderella Solution site will help you further as you go through the program.

What is NOT good about the Cinderella Solution?

Commitment before attaining result: Like most realistic diets, the Cinderella Solution requires you to perform some actions before you can benefit from it. Firstly, there is a need to buy foods for preparing the meals and prepare them. Even though, there is no need to go out of your way from what you usually consume or buy.

Secondary, the program requires you to do low intensity workouts. However, they will not take up too much of your time. In addition, there is a requirement to give them up the unhealthy habits. Following a meal plan for 28 days requires commitment and only after you have followed the program well you will get to see the results.


Here is the summary of what the Cinderella solution is and, it is benefits:

  • Most importantly, the Cinderella Solution is a comprehensive 28-day program guide designed specifically for every woman above the age of 30 to lose weight sustainable.
  • Designed with reference to a scientific research which proved that a woman’s body undergoes a hormonal transition between puberty and menopause. This transition affects the 3 important hormones which influence metabolism.
  • Payment of the program is a once-off purchase. Economically, you do not need additional products or yearly subscriptions to sustain your optimal weight.
  • In addition, it mainly focuses on food pairing that reconditions your 3 female hormones to dramatically accelerate weight loss without having to skip a meal or leaving the food you love and, low intensity workouts without spending hours in the gym.
  • Lastly, Your purchase get you a 77-page manual, a 17-page Quick Start Guide, A Food Lover’s Recipe Play Book, A Guilt-free Dessert Guide and A video Exercise Guide (includes all the workouts of the program). In addition, if you buy it here, you will get 2 free bonuses, a 21-day Kickstart Nutrition Guide and the Movement Sequencing Guide.

Well ladies, I believe the information I shared here is enough to help you make a decision. If not, please leave your comments and questions below. Now, it is up to you to decide whether the Cinderella Solution is the one for you. As for what I think about the Cinderella Solution, the benefits outweighs everything else. So, do not waste time, pick up your Cinderella diet here.

You may what to read about my article on belly fat diet where explain what a belly fat diet is with reference to the Cinderella Solution and other popular diets on the market.

Should you purchase the Cinderella Solution, feel free to feedback to me in the comment section below!

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