About Linda

A mom of two and like many moms out there, I struggle with lose belly muscles. I should however, admit this early that I’ve been lazy to workout. After my first child, I didn’t see any reason to work on my belly because I told myself that I was going to fall pregnant again anyways. So, why workout?. I felt pregnant again, had my second child. After my second, I immediately knew that the third one will not come soon, but what do I do with my belly? I hate my belly. I have been hiding it under loose clothes and ‘tummy tuck tights’ (they help a great deal but I just wanna be free of all that stuff).

I’ve always had an idea of what I had to do (most, if not all people do). Who doesn’t know that they have to workout and eat healthier to achieve a great body? Like me, most people only lack the motivation, commitment and company to start and keep going. This is one of the reasons I started this site. I am in no way a professional trainer, health or fitness specialist, I am just a mom aspiring to look great. At the same time, I’ve chosen to share my journey with other moms as their motivation to start doing the same.

Today, (20 May 2019) I am 1 year and 8 months after my last born. By the way, I am not done having babies. However, have come to realize that going into pregnancy with a fit body surely has its benefits, and can determine how long a mom can get the flat tummy back after a baby.

At this point, my fitness routine is irregular. That’s another reasons I started this site, to fix my fitness routine. Not long ago, I started doing several body crunches at home, I want to start running too. My plans are to continue similar activities but, more on a fixed routine.


I want to help and motivate other women because I know that lose belly muscles and belly fats are common problems for many women, especially after babies. I see women of my age, younger and older given up because they lack the motivation and company to get their flat tummies back. I believe a flat and toned tummy muscles give a woman confidence that can spill over to other areas of her life.


My goal for this site is to create an interactive platform where women can come to get motivated, learn and share. The best resources is ourselves and the best knowledge is within ourselves. I believe everyone knows something that another person may not know and therefore, by creating a platform where people can share, we serve ourselves well.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,